The Top 5 CB Radio Microphones to Keep Your Eyes On in 2021

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A good microphone for your CB radio can make the difference between your voice sounding like a garbled mess, and a clear tone that others can easily understand. Unfortunately, this is also the component that breaks down the most often.

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When this happens, finding the best CB microphone for your needs can quickly turn into a tedious, enraging task, as there are thousands of manufacturers and models on the market. We’ve been using CB radios for the past few years and have gone through enough replacement microphones to understand that making an informed decision when buying one is extremely important.


Product Summary

CB Mic Features Check Price
Cobra 29LXMIC Replacement Microphone
  • 4 pin connector;
  • Comes with the following models: 29 LTD BT, 29 LX BT, 29 WX NW BT;
  • 9-inch cord;

Uniden BC645 4-Pin Microphone replacement
  • 4 pin connector;
  • Comes with the following models: PRO505, PRO538W;
  • 8-inch flexible cord;

Astatic 636L Noise Canceling Mic CB
  • 4 pin connector
  • Noise Cancelling Mic;
  • 4-inch coiled cord;

Astatic (302-10005) D104M6B Amplified
  • 4 pin connector
  • Amplified microphone;
  • 5 inch

Cobra Premium Dynamic Mic
  • 4 pin connector;
  • 4-inch extension;
  • 9 feet high-flex cord;

RoadKing RK564P 4-Pin Dynamic Noise Canceling CB Microphone
  • 4 pin connector
  • Dynamic Noise Cancelling Mic

RoadKing RK56B Black 4-Pin Dynamic Noise Canceling CB Microphone
  • 4 pin connector
  • Dynamic Noise Cancelling CB

Reviews of the Best Shortwave Radio

Cobra 29LXMIC Replacement CB Microphone

The Cobra 29LXMIC Replacement CB Microphone is, as the name implies, a perfectly identical model to the one that comes with the 29 LTD BT, 29 LX BT, and the 29 WX NW BT. While this does mean that it doesn’t come with any flashy features or extra-durable designs, it is a basic model that gets the job done.

We found the pricing on these to be quite fair and the fact that it is a basic model may be an advantage to those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy and do not yet know if a more advanced model suits their needs.

All things considered, the Cobra 29 LX MIC can be a good choice for those who either already own a Cobra CB radio, or need a basic microphone that won’t break the bank. Although it may not have any new features or improvements.

Things We liked about Cobra 29LXMIC:
  • Simple design that mirrors the original microphone;
  • Works great with any 4-pin CB radio, regardless of manufacturer;
  • Decent pricing considering the lack of features;
  • Long 9-inch cord;
  • Heavy-duty ABS Housing;
Things We Didn't like about Cobra 29LXMIC:
  • No improvements in terms of durability or design, when compared to the microphone that ships with CB radios produced by Cobra;
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Uniden BC645 replacement CB microphone

We have discovered that the Uniden BC645 is one of the more comfortable to hold microphones on the market. The device usually comes bundled with the PRO505 and the PRO538W, however, it will work with any CB radio that supports 4-pin microphone connections.

As far as price is concerned, the mic is extremely affordable, especially when considering that it is built for intensive use. We’ve found that it’s always good to have one, to use as a spare if the installed one ever stops working while on a long drive.

The microphone’s ergonomic design doesn’t take away from its durability. The case of the device is built from thick ABS plastic that doesn’t squeak when grabbing it or when squeezing the PTT button.

It may be a good product to have stored around should you ever needed, as its price can make it go unnoticed among other monthly expenses, however, do not expect much from it. It’s a durable but extremely basic replacement for a 4-pin CB microphone.

Things We liked about Uniden BC645:
  • Affordable enough for any budget;
  • 8-inch flexible cord;
  • Durable build and thick plastic structure;
  • Comfortable to hold;
Things We Didn't like about Uniden BC645:
  • No metallic grille;
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Astatic 302-636LB1 Noise Cancelling Mic

Noise-canceling tech isn’t anything new, however, we’ve found that it is difficult to find a CB microphone that can effectively eliminate background noise and make the speaker’s voice sound clearer. Well, the Astatic 302-636L Microphone does seem to get the job done regardless of scenario.

The device is made from plastic that is textured to prevent slipping, which is great for those hot summer days when your hands may be sweaty. Furthermore, the housing of the mic is thick and relatively difficult to scratch.

As far as its noise canceling ability is concerned, the microphone’s frequency response ranges between 100Hz and 8 Hz, which means that there is little chance that sound other than your voice will be heard when using it. Also, the model comes with a 7.5-feet cord that is both durable as well as highly flexible.

Things We liked about Astatic 302-636LB1:
  • Rugged, no-slip design;
  • Good noise cancelation system;
  • Sturdy metallic grille;
  • Robust cord;
Things We Didn't like about Astatic 302-636LB1:
  • The cord tends to stretch out;
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Astatic D104M6B Amplified Ceramic Microphone

The Astatic D104M6B has a classic, elegant design and has been build to b used in harsh work environments. It comes with a durable chrome grille and a textured plastic housing that increase friction which is great as it makes it easy to grip even with wet or sweaty hands.

In terms of internals, the device is the handheld version of the Classic D-104 desk model and can be connected to any CB radio that supports 4-pin microphones.

The D104M6B is an amplified microphone and uses a 9-volt battery in order to ensure that owners do not have to yell in order to ensure that their voice is clear. The model also comes with a gain switch which is great as it enables users to adjust the power of the mic according to how loud they speak.

The mic comes with a long, 7.5 feet cable, and an on/off switch that is great for preventing it from running out of juice when it is not being used. When it comes to the power supply, the microphone is powered by a 9-volt battery that can be easily changed through a panel on the back of the device that is secured using 4 screws.

Things We liked about Astatic D104M6:
  • Durable and elegant plastic and chromed metal design;
  • Gain switch;
  • 4-pin connector;
  • Easy to access on/off switch;
Things We Didn't like about Astatic D104M6:
  • Small PTT button;
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Cobra Premium HG M73 Replacement Microphone

When it comes to rugged microphones that can function for extended periods of time in harsh environments, the HG M73 is one of the tougher models. The mic has a no-slip plastic housing, a durable metal grille, and a large PTT button.

While the model only has a 9-inch highly flexible cord, it does come bundled with a 4-foot extension which is great for those who want more freedom when it comes to where the microphone sits. The device can be used with any CB radio that supports 4-pin connections.

As far as durability is concerned, the model comes with heat and moisture protection that is useful in any work scenario. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the mic comes with a dynamic voice coil diaphragm that can cancel out background noise and enhance the clarity of your voice.

Things We liked about Cobra Premium Dynamic Mic:
  • Noise cancelation system;
  • Durable materials;
  • Head and moisture protection;
  • 4-foot extension cord included;
Things We Didn't like about Cobra Premium Dynamic Mic:
  • Can cause some CB radios to start buzzing;
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How a replacement CB mic can be better than the original one:

Depending on what kind of CB radio you’ve chosen to use, the quality of the microphone may vary. Manufacturers often cut the cost of making a cheaper model by using a lower grade of electronics for the microphone, which can make your voice sound distorted.

replacement CB mic

However, the quality of stand-alone CB mics usually reflects their price and this makes it easier to understand what you can expect from a particular model.

Easy ways to prolong the life of your CB microphone:

CB microphones aren’t particularly expensive, however, it’s usually better to make sure that the one you’ve got will last you a couple of years. Manufacturers don’t usually instruct people regarding how they can prolong the life of their microphones, so here’s what we’ve learned over the years:

  • Don’t leave it in direct sunlightUV radiation damages plastic over time, making it brittle, and it is usually better to keep the microphone somewhere where it will soak as little UV radiation as possible;
  • Don’t try to forcefully bend or straighten the cable – Although the cable of the microphone is built to last, it can still be damaged if you try to bend it into tight angles or if you try to straighten the loops;
  • Keep moisture out of it – If you keep the microphone to close to your mouth, there is a chance that some of your saliva will get inside and this can cause its electronic components to corrode over time. Another thing to keep in mind is that this can also happen if you use the mic while your hands are wet or very sweaty;

What a good CB mic should sound like:

While it is true that a power microphone for cb radio is made using more durable materials than a low-quality one, the way it records sound makes the biggest difference.

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When you speak into it, the microphone should be sensitive enough so that you don’t have to yell for others to make out what you’re saying. Also, it shouldn’t distort your voice regardless of how loud you speak.


If you’re looking for a durable microphone for a CB radio, the Cobra HG M73 may be a great choice. The device itself has a durable non-slip plastic shell that comes with heat and moisture protection, as well as a large metallic grille that protects the internal components.

Unlike the Cobra 29LXMIC or the Uniden BC645, the device is not a 1 to 1 copy of a microphone that comes with a certain radio model, but a standalone model that is designed to offer premium features.

We particularly liked the fact that it also comes with an extension cord which is great because it gives more flexibility in terms of how and where the microphone can be placed when not using it.

Overall, the Cobra HG M73 may be one of the best cb microphones for those who need a device that is durable, without compromising sound quality. This cb mic also perfect for cobra and galaxy cb.


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