Jeremy Neisser founder of Car CB Radios

Welcome to CarCBRadios.com, my name is Jeremy Neisser. I can remember as an 8-year old going into RadioShack buying electronic parts for my radios. Flash forward a bunch of years, I worked for Radio Shack, Circuit City and sold my one-man electronics shop. 

My objective is to equip you with the most useful information and products in radio communications. When you need it at any given moment, bxe it on a road trip, engaging an off-track mission, amidst nature's beauty, part of your workplace environment or living remotely - radio comms must remain reliable and readily available for use. To that end, we strive to link our customers directly up with pertinent advice and product recommendations so they can maximize their radios' performance efficiency!

It's important to mention that my site is affiliated with Amazon.com and some other affiliates, so whenever you buy a CB radio or any product through our links, I will get compensation. Rest assured however, the integrity of all of our research and articles remains intact as it is always our mission to provide you with only the best information available!

Feel free to at Jeremy@carcbradios.com