Top 5 CB Radios Brands

CB Radio allows communicating with a large group of people at a single time in case of disaster, emergency, or in normal routine without holding the license. Its usage is popular in cars, trucks, and automobiles. Also, it can be used for business purposes. Commonly, it covers the short-range for communication but its range can … Read more

Best 2 Way Radios For Business: Top 5 Picks in 2019 and Buying Guide

Best 2 Way Radios For Business

Are you looking for the best 2 way radios for business? If so, then you’ve just landed in the right place. Two way radios can be a great help if you want your business to function efficiently. These devices can help you and your employees to communicate with ease. What’s more, they uphold safety when … Read more

Top 5 Best Ham Radio Base Stations

Power is out. Phone networks are down. Internet is inaccessible. 911 is overloaded. In cases of emergencies, the internet and mobile phones are proven unreliable.  So, when disasters come and all else fails, how do you communicate? Ham radio base stations! Not only is it a quintessential must-have tool of determined preppers. It is also … Read more

Top 3 Best Coax Cable for CB Radio: Reviews and Buying Guide

Have been searching for the best Coax for CB radio and have been confused about which one will work perfectly? Don’t worry as we have all details right here for you. The best coaxial cable for CB radio will be working for most of the ham and CB radios. This also helps in the determination … Read more