Best Dual Band Base Antennas : Top Picks and Reviews

Best Dual Band Base Antennas

By: Jeremy Neisser As a cooking enthusiast, I understand the importance of having a strong and reliable communication system in place. One essential component of such a system is the base antenna. Dual band base antennas are particularly versatile, as they allow for communication on both VHF and UHF frequencies. This versatility grants users the … Read more

Walkie-Talkie Etiquette for Beginners – 11 Important Tips

Walkie Talkie Etiquette for Beginners featured image

By: Jeremy NeisserDespite all the advances in technology over the past five years, walkie-talkies are still considered one of the most reliable communication tools. They are often used by security personnel, law enforcement, and first responders. If you are new to using a walkie-talkie, this guide on basic etiquette will help you understand how to use … Read more

What Walkie Talkie Channel Should I Use? A Complete Guide

What Walkie Talkie Channel Should I Use? A Complete Guide

By: Jeremy NeisserAs someone who has worked with walkie-talkies before, I know the importance of finding the right channel to communicate effectively. After all, the optimal channel can make a huge difference in terms of range and power. According to sources, channels 1-7 or 15-22 are the best options for maximum power output.It’s also important … Read more

Midland vs Cobra – Walkie Talkie Comparison

featured image of the article detailing the differences: Midland vs Cobra – Walkie Talkie Comparison

By: Jeremy Neisser As someone who enjoys outdoor activities, I know how important it is to have reliable communication equipment. Walkie talkies are a great way to stay connected with your group when cell phone service is not available. In this article, I will compare two popular walkie talkie brands: Midland and Cobra. Midland vs … Read more

Can Walkie Talkies Be Tracked? A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, I will explore the question of whether walkie talkies can be traced once lost. I will provide both a short and long answer to this question, as well as address some frequently asked questions on the topic. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of whether or not walkie talkies can be traced, and what you can do to protect yourself in case of loss or theft.

By: Jeremy Neisser As someone who enjoys using walkie talkies for communication and emergencies, it’s important to understand whether or not they can be traced if lost. This is a common concern for many people who rely on walkie talkies as a means of communication without relying on network connectivity. While it may seem like … Read more