The 9 Most Popular CB Radios Accessories That You Need

CB radios are popular means of communication. CB is used for short-range communication and they work in case of any disaster and emergency. Therefore, it considered as the best way of communication.

The 9 Most Popular CB Radios Accessories That You Need to Own.

The 9 Most Popular CB Radios Accessories That You Need - The fill list of items that you would need to purchase


Radio Holder

Workman MH4B CB Radio Microphone Holder With Adhesive Back

It is a must-have for CB radio owners especially if you are using it as your work instrument or you are on the road all the time.

A good holder will secure your radio in place on either your dashboard or windshield even when you make turns during driving, minimizing its movement and reducing the incidental sound that may irritate you and the people around you.

Here is my favorite:

Depending on the size of your vehicle, this one might be a better fit for you.

Lido Cup Holder Mount with Height Adjustment and Mic Holder for Anytone BaoFeng Icom Kenwood Yaesu Wouxon HT's
  • Adjustable Mounting: The mount has height adjustment and includes a built-in mic holder for custom fit and comfort.
  • Compatible with Popular HTs: Fits Anytone, BaoFeng, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Wouxon and other brand radios.
  • Durable Construction: Made from sturdy aluminum with water resistant design for outdoor use.
  • Secure Mounting: The cup holder design keeps the radio securely in place while driving.
  • Easy Installation: Quick and simple installation with included hardware and instructions.


External Microphone

Astatic 302-636LB1 Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Microphone (Bulk)

A CB radio sounds better with an external microphone because it has a wider frequency response. The use of an external mic will give you more natural-sounding voice as compared to the built-in speaker.

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Here is my favorite: 

Astatic 302-636LB1 Black Noise Cancelling 4 Pin CB Microphone (Bulk),XLR
  • World Famous Replacement Mic
  • Rugged Housing Design
  • Polyurethane Coated Steel Grille Screen
  • Low Impedance Dynamic Element
  • Coiled Cord


Car Adapter Kit

Cb Radio Power Cord/Cables 2-Wire 15A 3-Pin CB Power Cord with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug for Cb Radio (2 Pack)

Using your CB radio inside your car can be tricky because it requires a lot of fiddling to find the perfect spot to mount it.

The use of a car adapter kit will make your task easier and allows you to be more flexible in placing your CB radio inside your car or truck.

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Here is my favorite: 

Cb Radio Power Cord/Cables 2-Wire 15A 3-Pin CB Power Cord with 12V Cigarette Lighter Plug for Cb Radio (2 Pack)
  • 3-Pin, 2 Wire 16-Gauge Heavy Duty Copper Wire, Length 4.8 ft
  • Used to Replace Power Cords on Most CB Radios
  • Built-In Fused Cigarette Lighter Plug w/Green LED Indicator & Finger Grip
  • Heavy Duty Strain Reliefs
  • Fits Cobra 25/29/148, Galaxy, Midland, Uniden, Connex & most others using the 3-pin plug


External Speaker

Cobra HG S100 - Dynamic External CB Speaker, Sound, Rugged Design , Black

For CB radio newbies this is a must have, external speakers produce better sound than what your built-in speaker in your radio device can generate.

An external speaker also increases your CB's volume range that allows you to hear it even in noisy places or during noisy occasions when you're driving. 

There are two types of external speakers CB radio owners have: handheld and fixed type.

External speakers produce better sound especially if you are using your CB radio in noisy places like bars and restaurants. It also comes handy for operators who want to reach people even in places where there's a lot of sound.

Here is my favorite: 

Cobra HG S100 - Dynamic External CB Speaker, Sound, Rugged Design , Black
  • COBRA QUALITY PERFORMANCE - The HighGear external speaker is designed to offer an exceptional combination of unsurpassed power handling, great sound, rugged construction and stunning design. Great Sound, from a great looking speaker.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOUND - Heavy duty external speakers featuring professionally designed coated speaker cones that can handle the power. You'll always hear your calls loud and clear with this high quality speaker.
  • RUGGED AND STRONG DESIGN - Fully loaded 15 Watt power handling capability, a 4-inch speaker with 5.5 oz. magnet, shock resistant construction, and a metal mesh grille. This speaker is not only designed to perform well, but its built strong and made to last.
  • IDEAL FOR PA CAPABLE CB RADIOS - Ideal for CB radios with Public Announcement capabilities to increase volume and maintain sound quality. Comes complete with mounting hardware and a ratcheted swivel bracket for 180 degrees of angle adjustment. The perfect installation spot just got much easier to find.
  • 3.5mm HEADPHONE JACK - Ideal for team drives with your partner. You can now allow them to enjoy silence during a drive while you stay up to date, and fully informed while connected to the speaker through headphones.



Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna

It is a must for all CB radio users, checked if your device already has one built-in but most gadgets don't, so you need to buy a separate antenna for it.

Your antenna should be able to expand or lengthen, if possible adjustable to allow you see the best performance of your CB.

Here is my favorite: 

Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna
  • 10,000W
  • 49" stainless steel whip
  • 6" stainless steel shaft
  • Triple chrome-plated copper coil
  • Freq: 25MHz–30MHz


SWR Meter / Antenna Tuner

SWR METER for CB Radio Antennas with 3' Jumper cable - Workman SWR2T & CX-3-PL-PL

A must-have for all CB radio users to ensure that their antenna installations are done properly so they can get the best power output from it.

You need a SWR meter because it tells you whether or not your antenna can still get good signal reception from the people you're talking to.

Here is my favorite: 

SWR METER for CB Radio Antennas with 3' Jumper cable - Workman SWR2T & CX-3-PL-PL
  • SWR Test Meter CB Radio Frequency Range 27 MHZ
  • SWR 1:1 to 1:3 / 52 ohm impedance
  • SO-239 Input and Output Connectors W/ Heavy Duty Metal Case
  • Dimensions: 3 3/8 X 2 1/4 X 3 in.
  • Includes: 3' Black Workman CX-3-PL-PL Coax Jumper



Midland AVPH5 Behind-the-Head Headsets (Pair)

A good pair of headset for your CB radio is also a must have, it makes communication more convenient for both parties.

The sound you hear from headsets are better because these are like speakers but they sit comfortably on your ears or head.

They don't irritate even after continuous use, plus the microphones built-in in these devices cancels surrounding noises.

Here is my favorite: 

Midland® AVPH5 Behind The Head Headset – Ergonomic Push To Talk Headset – Compatible with all Midland GMRS Radios - Hands Free Communication
  • Handsfree Communication for Efficiency: Stay hands-free and connected with Midland AVPH5 Behind-The-Head Headsets. Perfect for outdoor activities, restaurants, off-roading, and construction sites, these headsets ensure efficient communication. Experience convenience and connectivity with Midland!
  • Flexible Boom Mic: Experience crystal-clear communication with the Midland AVPH5 Behind-The-Head Headsets. The flexible boom microphone can be easily positioned for optimal voice pick-up, ensuring clarity in every conversation. Enjoy a secure and comfortable fit for extended use with the comfortable behind-the-head design and an adjustable band. Stay connected with ease and comfort!
  • Push-To-Talk: Stay connected effortlessly with the Midland AVPH5 headsets featuring a convenient push-to-talk button. Enjoy one-handed operation as the button clips to your shirt, ensuring easy access for quick and efficient communication whenever required. Stay in control and stay connected with ease!
  • Versatility: Stay connected with ease using the Midland AVPH5 headsets, designed to work seamlessly with all Midland GMRS Radios and VOX. Enjoy wide compatibility, making these headsets perfect companions for outdoor activities, adventure sports, and demanding work environments. Stay versatile and connected wherever you go!
  • What's Included in the Box: Inside the box, you'll find two ergonomic behind-the-head headsets, providing an all-inclusive solution for you and your team's communication needs. Stay connected and efficient with this convenient bundle! Get ready for seamless communication with the Midland AVPH5 headsets.


Electrical Supplies

Universal Compact Bench Power Supply - 6 Amp Linear Regulated Home Lab Benchtop AC-to-DC 12V Converter w/ 13.8 Volt DC 115V AC 100 Watt Power Input, Screw Type Terminals - Pyramid PS8KX

While you're at it, why not also buy your CB radio a nice set of electrical supplies that will make its performance better.


For example, if your CB is 12-volt device, then you shouldn't use an adapter with lower voltage than that because this may cause damage to the unit.

Also bring along accessories such as power cords, chargers, antenna connectors, etc.

Here is my favorite: 

Pyramid Universal Compact Bench Power Supply - 6 Amp Linear Regulated Home Lab Benchtop AC-to-DC 12V Converter w/ 13.8 Volt DC 115V AC 100 Watt Power Input, Screw Type Terminals - Pyramid PS8KX
  • CONVERTS AC TO DC: The Pyramid Bench Power Supply features linear / regulated design. Provides convenient and reliable AC-to-DC power conversion (12V DC) w/ constant source of DC voltage. Works w/ cellular phones, CB radio, scanner, HAM radio, etc
  • SCREW-TYPE TERMINALS: Features universal hardwired screw-type connection terminals that ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, equipment and components. Used for component and device equipment testing, operation and performance
  • PLUG-IN OPERATION: The simple plug-in operation provides a constant source of DC voltage, allowing for quick and consistent power conversion. Switch-activated power control eliminates the need of an external battery or additional power source
  • SHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION: Equipped w/ built-in electronic overload and short circuit protection to ensure safety of the operator and any connected electrical devices. Also fuse protected w/ auto reset. Perfectly safe for tabletop or desktop placement
  • OTHER FEATURES: Rugged & durable housing construction, cabinet heatsink. Compact power supplies Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.5'' x 4.9'' x 3.0'' -inches. Constant amperage is 6A & surge is 8A w/ power output of 13.8V DC & 115V AC 60Hz 100W power input


Noise Filter


The use of a noise filter will help you get good reception from your CB without any kind of interference.

This is a must-have especially when you are communicating with people far from where you are, nearby vehicles can also interfere with your signal so the best way to deal with it is to include this device in your accessory list.

Here is my favorite: 


To Wrap it Up... There are not many CB radio accessories to buy but these are the most important ones you should have for your gadget.

The more that you'll use your CB radio, the more stuff you will eventually need to buy. When buying an accessory make sure that it is compatible with your device to avoid incompatibility issues.


Do CB Radios need to be tuned?

If you want good CB performance, you must tune your antenna. If you do not adjust your antenna, it will not work properly and can cause permanent harm to your radio. To tune your antenna, you'll need an SWR meter.

Do people still use CB radios?

Yes, CB is still an essential element of today's world. CB radios were exclusively used by small businesses, farmers, radio hobbyists, and a few truck drivers throughout the 1960s.

Do I need an antenna for a CB radio?

There are no additional accessories or a microphone included with most CB radios, so you won't have to purchase them separately. Your radio is useless without the antenna. If you're using a magnet, roof, or trunk-lip antenna, the coax will almost certainly be in the antenna mount.

What does a CB Power MIC do?

It may assist you in sending loud and clear with the help of noise-canceling technology, as well as power and clarity. Before it is sent to the radio, the microphone amplifies the sound. This is beneficial for individuals who talk softly or have a weak signal.

How do I reduce the noise on my CB radio?

To begin, remove the CB's antenna from the rear. Listen for noises on the CB radio while it is switched on. Then double-check that all of the connections are correct and that none of them has been damaged.

If the noise is present, try replacing the CB antenna.

If this does not work, check the coax cable and ensure that it is free of any damage. If there is a problem with the coax cable, try replacing it or repairing it.

Will my new CB radio already have a SWR meter?

No. A CB antenna's SWR must be measured before the unit can be tuned. A SWR meter isn't included with most CB radios because they are not required for operation purposes. For most users, it is more practical to get an aftermarket device for measuring the SWR of your antenna.

Can I convert my CB radio to 12 Volt?

Yes, some people choose to do this for convenience purposes because vehicle batteries offer greater voltages than what a 9-volt battery offers on most CB units. However, if you install a 12-volt power supply onto your radio without adjusting the rest of the components, then the radio may be damaged.

Will I need to purchase additional accessories?

CB radios only include the necessary features needed for operation; however, there are other items that can improve your CB's performance or make its use more convenient. These will need to be purchased separately.

Can I mount my antenna on my house or building?

Yes, if it is an appropriate height and has an unobstructed line of sight to where you want to transmit. If you're planning on installing it outside around your home, then consider getting an amplified model with ground plane kit. should also consult your local government to learn more about the laws and regulations that govern CB antenna installation.

Who uses CB Radios?

Many different people use CB radios, whether it's for fun, to communicate with truckers on road trips, or for work purposes. Anyone can benefit from a CB radio because of its universal coverage range and low cost. In fact, some online retailers sell refurbished models at low prices for those who are just starting out or want an additional CB unit. Plus, society has been known to embrace occasional use of the 10-code language when natural disasters happen.

These events have brought a number of individuals together using their CBs as a source of information during these emergencies.

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