JBL vs Alpine – Comparison of Speakers, Amps, & Head Units

JBL and Alpine are some of the most esteemed names in the audio industry, known for their incredibly durable speakers, soundbars, headphones, and subwoofers with outstanding sound quality.

To help you decide which brand is right for your listening needs we’ll provide an in-depth comparison between JBL's and Alpine's devices—detailing price points, performance capabilities, reliability—so that you can make a truly informed decision on your purchase.

Renown for their engineering expertise, Alpine vs JBL,  both are respected names in the car audio industry. With an extensive range of speakers, subwoofers, stereos and tweeters delivering accurate sound with superior durability—JBL is often your best bet if you're looking to save money without sacrificing quality features.

JBL vs Alpine - Comparison

JBL vs Alpine - Comparison

Sound Quality

JBL Sound Quality

JBL speakers boast a neutral, balanced sound profile that is incredibly bass-heavy and perfect for any party or individual use. Pop and hip hop lovers will especially love the rich tones of these speakers as they perform equally well at both volumes - high AND low. DJs know: JBL's are reliable with long battery life lasting 24 hours plus; making them one of the most sought after brands in audio today.

On the other hand, JBL headphones are fully equipped with features that reflect the Harman curve for a rich and well-balanced sound. Unfortunately, these headphones may not provide you with supreme comfort due to their design and fit.

If you prefer an extraordinary listening experience full of depth, power, and accuracy then investing in a top-of-the line JBL product is your best bet.

Alpine Sound Quality

Alpine creates a high-grade collection of speakers, and though some of the more inexpensive ones may sometimes lack clarity or produce minimal distortion, most Alpine units feature incredibly low distortion.

The sound system does not create quite as many bass notes; thus those seeking booming bass should incorporate an extra subwoofer to achieve the desired effect.

Alpine's headphones are expertly crafted and provide its users with a vast selection of styles, and features. The company constantly improves its products each year, offering the most advanced wireless technology available to the market today.

Price Point

JBL Cost

JBL mobile or car speakers come in a variety of prices, ranging from $40 to $400. But the JBL Go is considered by many to be their most economical Bluetooth speaker – giving listeners excellent sound quality and portability for an unbeatable price.

To ensure that its products meet the highest standards, JBL invests heavily in engineering and high-grade materials as well as advertising.

Headphones: You can expect to pay $30-$99 for a quality pair of JBL headphones

My Top Pick: JBL Live 460NC - Wireless On-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Amplifiers: You can expect to pay $50 – $500 for a quality JBL amplifier.

My Top Pick Car Amp: JBL GX-A604 4-Channel Full Range Amplifier

My Top Pick Home Amp: JBL Professional CSA180Z Commercial Series Single-Channel 80-Watt Power Amplifier

Alpine Cost

Alpine car speakers provide both amazing quality and affordable prices, although they can lean toward the higher end. You may be able to find some more budget-friendly options from brands like JVC and Sony for less than twenty dollars, yet if you're looking for Alpine's signature sound then you'll have to go up a little in price with products around forty or more dollars.

On average, Alpine car stereos are 15-25% higher cost than JBL.

Headphones: You can expect to pay $20 – $40 for a quality pair of Alpine headphones. Most headphones available are for kids. Their earbud selection is subpar if you ask me.

Amplifiers: You can expect to pay $50 – $3000 for an Alpine Amplifier

My Top Pick for Cars: ALPINE S-A60M 600 Watt RMS Mono Car Audio Amplifier

Alpine S-A60M S-Series Class D Mono Amplifier
  • 330 watts rms x 14 ohms
  • Preamp and speaker-level inputs
  • S-Series amplifiers are your sound systems workhorse.
  • With unmatched reliability and budget-friendly prices, these amplifiers are the better choice in performance value.


JBL Features

JBL makes cutting-edge speakers tailored to sync up with your modern home system. Their Bluetooth subwoofers and speakers, for example, are all equipped with polymer cones or cellulose fiber cones as well as a rubber surround that provides incredible sound quality at any volume level.

Depending on the model you select, these speakers also feature frequency responses of 2.83V at 1 meter and can handle power outputs of 250W RMS.

Top Pick for JBL Speakers: JBL GTO629

Top Pick JBL Bluetooth Speakers: JBL FLIP 5

Alpine Features

The speakers boast a variety of impressive traits, such as Hybrid Carbon Fiber construction, an Aluminum-Magnesium alloy tweeter unit, corrosion resistant gold plated terminals and High Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) surround.

Additionally, they are equipped with CFRP Cone (Carbon Fiber reinforced Plastic), ensuring long-lasting quality audio enjoyment.

Top Pick for Alpine Speakers: Alpine S-S65 S-Series

Top Pick For Bluetooth Speakers: Alpine Turn 1

Alpine amplifiers are the ideal choice for all your audio needs, with features like T.A.R circuitry, thermal management control, and adjustable gain control providing unparalleled sound quality that is sure to blow you away. 

And it's not just about superior performance; Alpine also offers a compact design for ease of transport as well as variable subsonic filter and speaker level input capabilities so you can customize your listening experience even more efficiently.


JBL Reliability

JBL speakers are engineered with superior materials like Aluminum, Nickel, and Cobalt - a permanent alloy known for its remarkable power. You can rest assured that your audio device will be reliable and long-lasting; all of the brand's components are constructed to withstand wear-and-tear without fail over time.

The wireless speakers are top-notch and built with durable features. Not only is their performance reliable, but they're also waterproof – making them perfect for any weather condition! On the other hand, although the headphones have a well-balanced sound, their plastic construction makes them appear to be mediocre in quality overall.

Alpine Reliability

Constructed with ruggedness and reliability in mind, Alpine speakers have earned a name for themselves because of their high-density polymers used to form the speaker casing and premium fiber cones. Furthermore, these quality products are present in some of the leading car brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, and Volkswagen.

Alpine products are also designed to be dustproof, waterproof and shockproof, making them ideal for outdoor use.

Additionally, the brand's amplifiers feature high-efficiency Class D designs that can effortlessly handle and deliver powerful power outputs with minimal distortion.

All in all, Alpine speakers offer a reliable and top-notch audio experience.

No matter the environment, you can trust that your Alpine audio equipment will perform with the utmost clarity and precision.

JBL Ease Of Use

Configuring JBL speakers can be intimidating if you're not prepared for the process, however your speakers will conveniently pair with nearby devices as long as they are within Bluetooth range. While subwoofers may require a bit more effort to set up in certain cars, once configured they are incredibly easy to use. Likewise, their wireless headphones offer seamless usability whether you want to chat or simply listen.

I am a big fan of their PartyBox bluetooth speaker

JBL PartyBox 110 - Portable Party Speaker
  • POWERFUL JBL ORIGINAL PRO SOUND: Whether you're at home or outdoors, the JBL PartyBox 110 makes your music amazing with two levels of deep, adjustable bass and 160W powerful JBL Signature Sound.
  • 12 HOURS OF PLAYTIME AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Power the party all day or all night. With 12 hours of playtime and a built-in rechargeable battery, the beat will go on (and on)
  • IPX4 SPLASHPROOF: Whether your guests are dancing on the beach or sipping drinks by the pool, the JBL PartyBox 110 is IPX4 splashproof so you never have to worry about the party getting too wet and wild.
  • PARTYBOX APP: The JBL PartyBox app makes it easier than ever to control your music, update settings, and customize the colors and patterns of your light show for the perfect party vibe.
  • PARTY LIGHTS: Every kind of music is better with a dynamic light show. Colors synched to the beat make you want to move your feet, while customizable strobes and patterns dazzle your eyes. It's a unique, immersive audiovisual experience that transforms any party into a work of art.

Alpine Ease Of Use

Alpine speakers boast remarkable power, yet are incredibly effortless to install. Crafted with neodymium magnets that are smaller than regular magnets and provide superior sound quality, these speakers truly deliver an unparalleled listening experience!

The brand's compact design makes them very transportable, while the adjustable gain control feature allows you to customize your listening experience quickly and easily. Furthermore, their amplifiers come with a user-friendly interface, allowing even the most tech-illiterate person to plug in, configure and enjoy the powerful audio.

Overall, Alpine speakers offer a user-friendly experience that is both convenient and stress-free.

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Space Requirements

JBL Space Requirements

JBL speakers are designed to fit a multitude of spaces, with their Bluetooth options being particularly small and portable. You can place them anywhere in your home or take it outside for an immersive listening experience, while their headphones are lightweight and compact enough to be tucked away in your pocket or bag.

Alpine Space Requirements

Alpine speakers are designed with a space-saving design, allowing them to fit into various areas of the car. Additionally, their amplifiers come with adjustable gain control that can easily be set up and configured according to your sound preference.

Remote Controls

JBL Remote Controls

JBL encompasses a range of remote controllers that make controlling your music and other call functions on smartphones simple and secure. An example is JBL Click, which is an attachable Bluetooth controller to facilitate control at any point in time from your smartphone. Unfortunately, neither the JBL Boombox nor the JBL Partybox 310 come with remote controls included though!

Alpine Remote Control

Enjoy your favorite music with amazing convenience using Alpine's RUE-4360 remote control. This compact, wireless device allows you to take full command of your audio system regardless of where you are in the room. 

It gives you access to helpful features such as track repeat and random playback from USB, subwoofer level controls, defeating on/off options for separate EQs, and even phone functions like picking up or rejecting calls! All this is available at one touch with an Alpine Remote Control - now that's a fantastic experience!

Connectivity Options

JBL Connectivity Options

JBL speakers make it effortless to pair up with other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. In addition, JBL has taken convenience a step further by allowing users to wirelessly connect as many as 100 of their bluetooth-enabled speakers at once.

Alpine Connectivity Options

With the various connection options available, these speakers are made to accommodate as many scenarios as possible. For example, some can be connected through RCA wiring with older brands whereas others such as Bluetooth Alpine make it effortless by pairing via Bluetooth. Additionally, USB is another supported connectivity option! 

Power Range

JBL Power Range

With a jaw-dropping ability to handle power, the speakers offer an unmatched sound experience. Take for example the 840 Cinema Surround Speaker that can sustain 350 watts of nonstop play and JBL Stage 1210 12” woofer with its impressive 250 watts RMS and 1000 watt peak power capacity.

Subwoofers: 50W to 1450W rated power

Speakers: 50W to 300W rated power

Amplifiers: 50W to 800W per channel

Alpine Power Range

The Alpine speakers provide tremendous power-handling capabilities without breaking the bank. Topping out at 300 watts or 100 watts RMS, they can also supply up to 150 watts of RMS power on low and mid-range frequencies.

Subwoofers: 150W to 300W rated power

Speakers: 50W to 100W RMS

Amplifiers: 100W to 150W per channel.

Frequency Response

JBL Frequency Response

JBL speakers have a broad range of frequency capabilities. For instance, the JBL ES Series speaker systems such as the ES 20 can operate between 65 HZ – 40 kHz while the 840 Very High Power Cinema Surround Speaker excels at creating digital surround sound immersion within 60 Hz to 19 kHz frequencies.

Alpine Frequency Response

The Type-S speakers are designed to maximize sound production within the range of 80 Hz to 22 kHz while the R-Series offer broadened frequency response capabilities, reaching all the way from 65 Hz up to 29kHz.

The amplifiers supplied by Alpine also allow users to change the frequency response range, making them incredibly versatile.

Company History

JBL Quick History

After World War II, James Bullough Lansing established JBL in 1946. Located in Los Angeles, California, the company is renowned for its amplifiers, loudspeakers, and headphones - with one of their top-selling subwoofers being the LSR10S which features a class D amp amongst other special capabilities. In 1969 it was taken over by Harman International when Bill Thomas sold his position as Vice President to them.

In the 1970s, JBL made its mark on the studio industry by launching an exclusive full-line portable system that revolutionized motion picture production. Continuing their strides in innovation, JBL became the first to introduce titanium high-frequency diaphragms into consumer audio systems in the 1980s.

Alpine Quick History

Founded in 1967 as a joint venture between Alps Electric Company and Motorola, Alpine Electronics Inc. was born. Two decades later, the company changed its name to what we know it for today when Alps acquired all of the previously held shares from Motorola – resulting in an ever-evolving organization based out of Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture Japan that specializes in amplifiers, speakers subwoofers, and car tweeters.

JBL vs Alpine Conclusion

JBL is renowned for its wide selection of speakers, all with a relatively neutral sound profile and sturdy construction that guarantees long-lasting use. For those looking to take their listening experience up a notch, Alpine's stereo systems are unmatched - offering top-notch quality without breaking your budget. Both JBL and Alpine offer unique features and power range options, so it all comes down to your own personal preference. No matter which brand you choose, you can rest assured that your listening experience will be nothing short of amazing.

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