4 Popular CB Radios Accessories

CB radios are popular means of communication. CB is used for short-range communication and they work in case of any disaster and emergency. Therefore, it considered as the best way of communication.

Proper working of the CB radios requires additional accessories. These accessories are much important as the radio itself because the connection of several radio parts is important to get the best usage of the radio. Although, radio can work independently, but additional equipment improves the working of the radio like external speakers, microphone, noise filters, antenna, etc.

It’s a fact that accessories are important for CB radio. Therefore, here we are discussing the 4 popular CB radio accessories with the best products. Also, the proper guideline will be discussed here that will provide you ease in the selection of your CB radios accessories.

External Speaker

If you are using CB radios in your car, you may feel distraction in the sound of the radio due to the noise of the engine. Also, road noise distracts you to hear the sound of the radio. Therefore, to hear a clear noise and good sound, you have to make use of external speakers. These external speakers will help you out to deal with the noisy conditions as it clearer the sound.

The external speaker you select for your radio should be suitable for your radio and compact in size. The best external speakers are listed here with a brief introduction.

Astatic 302-VS4 Classic External CB Speaker, 5 Watts

Astatic 302-VS4 5W/8Ω Noise Cancelling External Cb Speaker

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The external speaker you select should have power less than 10 watts. So, choose Astatic 302-VS4 Classic External CB speaker as it has a power rating of 5 watts. When you buy this product, you will receive mounting brackets as well as the hardware.

It provides the power cord with a length of 10 inches to supply the power to this external speaker. This power cord also comes with a Mini plug of 3.5mm. Last but not least, this model of the external speaker has the Impedance of 8 Ohms.

Cobra HG S100 – Dynamic External CB Speaker, Sound, Rugged Design

Cobra HG S100 - Dynamic External CB Speaker, Sound, Rugged Design , Black

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The most elegant design of Cobra HG S100 makes it unique from other available external speakers. With its beautiful design, it has a great quality sound that enables you to monitor your voice in the meantime when you transmit your voice.

Moreover, if you are looking for an external speaker that has capabilities of public announcement then this product is the right choice for you because the sound quality is maintained by it with increasing the volume. Additionally, its size is very compact, only a 4-inch speaker with 15 watts’ power capabilities.

Noise Filters

Electrical noise in the form of lights or switches distorts the original voice that transmits from the CB radio. CB radios have built-in noise filters to reduce the electrical noise or electromagnetic noise. Also, may nearby radio signals interrupt the original radio signals of the CB radios. So, electrical noise should be eliminated by using additional noise filters. These additional noise filters improve the performance of your CB radio as it’s a great shield against the electrical noise.

You have to select the noise filter as per the model and make of your CB radios. Further, to use it properly, install the noise filter by following proper instruction.



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You will like Workman NF 40 noise filter to avoid the electrical disturbance in your CB radios. This noise filter can be used with radio, HAM radios, and power amplifiers other than the CB radios. It comes in a pair of two wires, red and black. This combination of wire can pass the current of 240 Watts RMS. Therefore, it’s the appropriate noise filter to handle the power.

You may also like its power source LEDS that works automatically to stop the noise. It works with a voltage of DC 9 to 12 volts easily.


The most important part of the CB radios is the antenna because without antenna CB radios will not be able to work. Hence, all the functionality of the CB radio will be useless. Also, you must have to tune your CB radio and tuning is just possible through the antenna.

Further, antenna captures the signals of radiofrequency and converts them into electrical signals. On the other hand, it converts the electrical signals received from the transmitter into the radio frequency signals.

The best antenna product is here.

Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna

Browning BR-28 High-Performance Broad Band 63- Inch CB Antenna

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The most powerful and high-performance antenna is Browning BR-28 as it has the power of 10,000W. This antenna has a whip and shifts with a stainless steel body that makes it durable. The whip is 49 inches and the shaft is 6 inches.

Most importantly, the frequency range of the antenna matters a lot as it makes the worth of the antenna. So, select the Browning BR-28 as it has a frequency range from 25MHz to 30MHz. Also, it has a 3-way mount that provides ease in mounting in the antenna over the car. Plus, it has a copper coil with triple chrome-plated. Just make sure, tuned your antenna after installing and mounting it to your vehicle.


Most of the CB radios have a built-in microphone but these built-in microphones are unable to transmit the quality of sound due to noisy conditions. People want to transmit the quality of voice. Therefore, they use a powerful microphone as an accessory of the CB Radio.

Moreover, the microphone you use additionally with your CB Radio will have a noise cancellation function that produces the quality of sound. Also, these microphones have good effects of echo and good speakers. You will have a choice to enjoy wireless communication.

These microphones amplify the audio where voice is distorted due to weak signals. Henceforth, the best microphone is mentioned here with its qualities.

Astatic (302-10001SE) 636LSE 4-Pin Noise-Canceling CB Microphone

Astatic (302-10001SE) 636LSE 4-Pin Noise Canceling CB Microphone

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Get ease in SSB communications using the Astatic (302-10001SE). This model of microphone provides you ease in communication because it can cancel the noise and interpret the voice clearly. It’s in your budget range of 30$ and suitable for your CB radio because it can work with 4 pin connections.

It’s a powerful microphone as its cord covered with chrome. Its chromium covering improves its quality as compared to other microphones. Its key button is also covered with chrome plated.

Buying Guide

The selection of the accessories for the CB radios is crucial. There are different factors for different accessories that should be considered before choosing the accessories.

Maximum power watts, size, impedance, and length of the power cord should be considered in the selection of the external speaker.

When you select the antenna for you CB radios than consider that antenna wattage should be according to your CB radios, how much CB radio can push out the wattage. Additionally, consider the size of the antenna. If you select a bigger size of the antenna, it may improve the performance of the antenna. So the size of the antenna also matters. Another important factor is the range of the antenna, it’s important because the antenna catches the electrical signals depending on its range. Further, consider the frequency bandwidth as it is the range of frequency that the antenna will cover. Select that antenna which is durable enough.

In selecting the microphone, consider the quality of the audio circuit. Also, ensure that microphone should have a noise-canceling feature so that the voice can be transmitted clearly. Roger beep and echo effects are an important feature of the microphone. Make sure that microphone you select should not tend to amplify background noise because the amplification of background noise will create a problem in transmitting the original voice.


Do CB Radios need to be tuned?

Tuning your antenna is mandatory if you want acceptable CB performance. Not tuning your antenna will result in poor transmission and reception performance, and can also result in permanent damage to your radio. You will need an SWR meter to tune your antenna.

Do people still use CB radios?

Yes, indeed, CB is still an important part of today’s world. Through the mid-60s, CB radios were used exclusively by small businesses, farmers, radio hobbyists, and some truck drivers.

Do I need an antenna for a CB radio?

Most new CB radios come with a microphone, mounting bracket, and power cord, so you won’t need to buy those separately. Without the antenna, your radio is useless. If you are using a magnet, roof, or trunk-lip antenna, the coax is likely included with the antenna mount.

What does a CB Power MIC do?

Like power and noise-canceling features, it can help you transmit loud and clear. The microphone requires a battery and amplify the audio before it gets to the radio. This is useful for those who speak softly or may have a weaker signal.

How do I reduce the noise on my CB radio?

Firstly, disconnect the antenna from the back of the CB. Turn on the CB radio and listen for the noise. Secondly, check the connection from the antenna to the back of the CB. Make sure all the plugs are connected and there isn’t any damage to the antenna cable’s shielding.