Review: Connex 3300HP 10 Meter Amateur Ham Mobile Transceiver

There are numerous times when the mobile phone loses its signals or when there is no internet connectivity in remote areas or after a natural disaster. This means that a person cannot simply rely on these forms of communication in times of emergencies, because of their dependency on the data and electrical grid. Institutions like The Red Cross rely quite frequently on the local hams or amateur mobile transceivers when they want to broadcast some important information.

Connex 3300HP 10 Meter Amateur Ham Mobile Transceiver

For example, after the hurricanes which took place in 2017 in Puerto Rico, the ham radio operators came into action, after the communication systems of the island were disabled, which made it very difficult for the agencies to carry on the rescue work. This means that, in times of emergencies, one cannot simply rely on the mobile to do the job, even on individual level, when one goes for camping or hiking in remote areas.

About Amateur Ham Mobile Transceiver

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Amateur Ham mobile transceivers have been around for more than a hundred years. There are about six million licensed operators all over the world, out of which 75,000 are in the United States alone. This model of transceiver offers great benefits and convenience in terms of flexibility and range.

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To operate this, the user needs a license from the FCC for which you would need to prepare for a test. The overall usage of these devices is affordable and easy to use as well as practical for emergencies.

Connex is a well-known brand name for ham radios and they are known for their reliable products. Connex has been in the business of making radios for a long time now. Their ham radios are known for their high quality as well as their durability, since they are made with great quality materials that are both strong and solid. Moreover, the device is definitely value for money.

Powerful device with great features

This Connex 3300HP CB Radio is quite a powerful and useful device. It is able to transmit with great clarity. Moreover, it has some great features like the automatic noise limiter and it works perfectly well, due to which the user can have uninterrupted communication. It is also quite easy and simple to switch between FM and AM modes.

The Connex 3300HP CB Radio is also equipped with six bands of radio that you can easily choose from. Furthermore, this product is inexpensive, and great for beginners as well as for the experienced amateur radio operators alike.

Great looking and easy to use

Not only does this Connex 3300HP CB Radio perform really well, but it is also quite a sleek looking model that can be well lit at night time and its brightness can also be adjusted as per the user’s preferences. All of the controls of the device are right there on the unit, and there are also many other features in order to make communication as clear as possible.

There is also a large display for the channels and the user can easily mount it on their cars, and this way, they can even change the channels on the radio while driving.

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#00bf08″ radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#00bf08″]

  • This CB Radio Connex is fairly simple and easy to use
  • The process of installation is quite straightforward
  • It is priced very economically
  • Connex 3300HP is a great quality product that would last for years
  • It is a strong and solid radio
  • Connex-3300HP is quite practical and user friendly
  • This CB Radio Connex is equipped with a noise blanker

[su_column size=”1/2″][su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#eb4923″ radius=”0″][su_list icon=”icon: ban” icon_color=”#eb4923″]

  • Some of the users have complained that the radio was not converted for CB use


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Key features

  • Connex-3300HP has blue channel LED and meter light
  • Connex 3300HP is equipped with small meter that has scales for signal and for better power output
  • It has an echo board that has two controls and is also equipped with two power output levels
  • There is also an automatic noise limiter with it

With such great benefits that this ham radio provides, it definitely outweighs the negativities associated with it.

Who is this product for?

This CB Radio Connex is suitable for all those who want to stay in touch with their friends and family during the times when they cannot rely on the mobile networks. This is for those who travel to remote areas or are avid hikers who love going camping, or truckers who stay on the road for hours or days at a stretch. Many of these places do not have mobile signals or internet connectivity, or, if they do, it is unreliable. This device is also for emergency purposes to be used in case there is a natural disaster or any calamity.

Customer Reviews

This CB Radio Connex is quite popular with its users. Most of the people who have used this CB Radio Connex expressed their satisfaction with its performance and gave it a high star rating. This radio has an overall 4.5 rating due to its great features, durability and reliability. According to most of the users, it performs well and is able to catch signals and the communication is quite clear and loud. Those, however, who were not very satisfied complained that they received the product in a faulty condition. Overall, however, a majority of the customers were happy with its results and said that they would recommend it to others as a device that offers great value for money.


This is a great CB Radio Connex to have with you, especially if you are on the road all the time, or if you go to remote areas where there are not many communication options. The product is quite simple and easy to use and quite handy to have in your house. Moreover, this Amateur Ham Mobile Transceiver is also quite affordable and will definitely last for years since it is made with great quality and has useful and practical features.


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