Best Dual Band Base Antennas : Top Picks and Reviews

As a cooking enthusiast, I understand the importance of having a strong and reliable communication system in place. One essential component of such a system is the base antenna. Dual band base antennas are particularly versatile, as they allow for communication on both VHF and UHF frequencies. This versatility grants users the ability to reach a wider range of communication partners, whether for professional or recreational purposes.

Dual band base antennas are an excellent investment for those who want to take their communication capabilities to the next level. With the right antenna, users can enjoy improved signal reception, increased range, and overall better performance. What sets the best dual band base antennas apart from the rest lies in their key features, such as material quality, ease of installation, and durability.

When selecting the perfect dual band base antenna for your needs, it's crucial to consider factors such as the antenna's gain, which affects its ability to receive and transmit signals. Additionally, it's essential to think about the bandwidth, which determines the range of frequencies the antenna can operate on. Finally, compatibility with your existing radio equipment is a must.

After extensive research and testing, I have put together a list of top-performing dual band base antennas that excel in performance, efficiency, and durability. These antennas will provide reliable communication and enhance your overall experience.

Best Dual Band Base Antennas - Top Picks

In my search for the best dual band base antennas, I've compiled a list of top-performing products that cater to a wide range of needs. Check them out below!

Best Dual Band Base Antennas

1. Tram 1477-B Dual-Band Base Antenna

The Tram 1477-B is a reliable and durable dual-band base antenna that needs no tuning and provides solid communication for amateurs.


  • Pre-tuned, saving you time and effort

  • Rugged construction ensures durability

  • Compact size, ideal for limited spaces


  • High SWR in some bands

  • Mounting hardware not included

  • May not be suitable for professional use

Tram 1477-B Pre-Tuned 144MHz–148MHz VHF/430MHz–460MHz UHF Amateur Dual-Band Base Antenna (Black Fiberglass)
  • Pre-tuned
  • No tuning needed
  • 43" tall
  • Single section
  • 3.5dBd actual gain VHF & 6dBd actual gain UHF

I recently got my hands on the Tram 1477-B Pre-Tuned Dual-Band Base Antenna, and I must say it is ideal for amateur radio enthusiasts. This antenna is pre-tuned for 144 MHz to 148 MHz VHF and 430 MHz to 460 MHz UHF, which means you won't have to worry about adjusting the antenna for optimal frequency.

The antenna's construction is impressively rugged, which ensures that it will last for many years to come. With its 43" tall, single-section design, it boasts a 3.5dBd actual gain VHF and 6dBd actual gain UHF. The black fiberglass material not only contributes to its durability but also gives it a sleek look.

One issue I noticed with the Tram 1477-B is its high SWR in some bands. While it may not be a dealbreaker for most, those looking for a higher level of performance might find it disappointing. Also, the mounting hardware (such as a pipe and U-bolts) requires separate purchasing, so keep that in mind while budgeting.

Considering the affordable price and performance, this antenna is an excellent choice for amateurs and those with limited space for installation. It might not be the most professional-grade antenna on the market, but it delivers substantial value overall considering its compact size, ease of use, and durability.

2. Tram 1477 Dual-Band Base Antenna

I would highly recommend the Tram 1477 Dual-Band Base Antenna for its excellent performance, durability, and ease of use.


  • Pre-tuned for easy setup

  • Durable white fiberglass construction

  • Impressive gain on VHF and UHF frequencies


  • 43" height might be too tall for some users

  • Factory tuning might be slightly off for some frequencies

  • Indoor use might not be as effective as outdoor use

Tram 1477 Pre-Tuned 144MHz–148MHz VHF/430MHz–460MHz UHF Amateur Dual-Band Base Antenna (White Fiberglass)
  • Pre-tuned
  • No tuning needed
  • 43" tall
  • Single section
  • 3.5dBd actual gain VHF & 6dBd actual gain UHF

I recently got to test out the Tram 1477 Dual-Band Base Antenna, and I was quite pleased with its performance. The pre-tuned feature made installation a breeze, and I didn't need to make any adjustments to the antenna's tuning. The antenna stands at 43" tall, making it a suitable height for most users, though it might be too tall for those with limited space.

The white fiberglass construction ensures durability and long-lasting use, which is an important factor when choosing antennas. The actual gain on VHF (3.5 dBd) and UHF (6 dBd) frequencies were impressive, providing clear and quality communication connections that I could rely on. It was worth mentioning that some users have reported the factory tuning might be slightly off for some frequencies, but it didn't seem to be a significant issue for me.

Though the Tram 1477 performed well when mounted outdoors, I had to see how it would fare when placed indoors, especially since many people might live in areas with restrictions on outdoor antennas. I installed the antenna in my attic, and while it still worked, I did notice a decrease in signal strength compared to when it was mounted outside. Keep this in mind if you're planning to use the Tram 1477 indoors.

In conclusion, the Tram 1477 Dual-Band Base Antenna delivers excellent performance, durability, and ease of use. It's a solid choice for anyone looking to improve their communication connections on both VHF and UHF frequencies.

3. HYSHIKRA Fiberglass Dual Band Antenna

In my experience, the HYSHIKRA Fiberglass Dual Band Antenna is a top-notch choice for those in need of a reliable and high-performing base antenna.


  • High gain and excellent reception

  • Detachable design for easy installation

  • Compatible with most mobile radios or base transceivers at 2 meters and 70 cm


  • Slightly high VSWR for some frequencies

  • Limited use under 430 MHz

  • Not effective for CB radio reception

HYSHIKRA Fiberglass Dual Band Antenna, Outdoor 2Meter 70CM Base Antenna, 5.5/8.5dBi UHF-Female (SO239) Roof Antenna with Bracket Mount for Kenwood Yaesu Motorola Mobile Transcevier
  • High Performance Base Antenna: With high gain and fiberglass material.It can improve the reception and transmission performance of your devices.
  • Frequency: 136-174&400-470MHZ / VSWR: ≤1.5 / Gain:5.5&8.5dBi / Maxpower:200Watt / Length:86inches / Connector: UHF-Female (So239) / Weight:1.2KG
  • Detachable Design: The antenna is made up of three parts, and you can easily install or remove them. Bracket Mount is also including, easy to install and use.
  • Compatible with most mobile radios or base transceivers work at 2meter and 70cm.
  • What you get: 1PCS HYSHIKRA FB22UV Outdoor Antenna and 1PCS Antenna bracket. If you any technical or unsatisfactory problems, plz contact us by clicking “RADIO MAX” that below the "Buy Now", and find the button "ask a question".

During my time using the HYSHIKRA Fiberglass Dual Band Antenna, I was impressed by its high gain and fiberglass material, which greatly improved both reception and transmission performance on my devices. It proved to be a significant upgrade from other antennas I've tried.

Another standout feature for me is its detachable design. The antenna is made up of three parts, allowing for quick and easy installation or removal. Along with the included bracket mount, I found setting up and using this antenna to be a breeze.

This antenna is compatible with most mobile radios or base transceivers that operate at 2 meters and 70 cm. While I did notice a slightly high VSWR for certain frequencies and limited use under 430 MHz, these drawbacks did not severely impact my overall experience.

One important note to consider is that this antenna did not improve my CB radio reception. However, as a dual band antenna for Kenwood, Yaesu, and Motorola mobile transceivers, it performed exceptionally well.

To conclude, the HYSHIKRA Fiberglass Dual Band Antenna is a fantastic option for those seeking a reliable and high-performing base antenna. Its high gain, detachable design, and compatibility with most mobile radios make it a valuable addition to any setup. However, for users specifically looking for CB radio enhancement, this may not be the ideal choice.

4. MIRKIT Two Way Radio Antenna

I highly recommend the Mirkit Two Way Radio Antenna for anyone in need of a reliable and compact dual-band antenna.


  • Highly durable materials
  • Compact size with excellent signal strength
  • Compatible with many popular radio brands


  • No red frequency ring as shown in pictures
  • Might not be suitable for "tactical antenna" needs
  • True field conditions are the real test for durability
MIRKIT Set of 4 Dual Band Antenna SMA-Female: Durable & Whip Antennas 2.7/8.3/15.6/18.7 Inch for Any Event - Two Way Radio Antenna Upgrade Your Radio, Compatible with Baofeng UV5R, UV82HP, Kenwood
  • ✔️Unique Offer - 4 various flexible whip antennas are the best accessories for upgrading a Baofeng Radio or other Walkie Talkies with SMA antenna. Buying Mirkit set of ham radio antennas, you save your money!
  • ✔️Change your stock Baofeng antenna or ham radio antenna using one of Mirkit set antennas. The Universal Set of 4 Dual Band ham radio antennas meets ALL your needs!
  • ✔️Super deal to replace stock Baofeng UV-5R antenna and other ham antenna with SMA-Female connector for such radio models as UV82,82HP,BF-F8HP,UV5R, Kenwood TK-255,TK-260,TK-260G. Mirkit upgrade with TOP Baofeng accessories!
  • ✔️High-quality material of the Dual Band radio antenna ensures long-term products use. 100% Mirkit Warranty in the USA, NO need to wait for delivery from China!
  • ✔️Mirkit provides a gift - Special Mirkit Channel List + firmware for Your Radio sent upon request!

I recently tried the Mirkit Two Way Radio Antenna with SMA-Female Connector for Walkie Talkies, and I must say I am impressed by its performance. The construction of this 2.7-inch short whip antenna is of high-quality materials, which makes it incredibly durable and reliable. I was able to connect it to my walkie-talkie without any issues, and it did not restrict my movement during outdoor activities.

The Mirkit Antenna is not only dual-band, with a frequency of 144/430 MHz, but also compatible with many popular radio brands, such as Baofeng, Kenwood, Wouxun, Puxing, and Quansheng. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to replace their stock antenna. However, if you're looking for something more appropriate for tactical use, this might not be the best option.

Despite its compact size, the signal strength of the Mirkit Antenna is remarkable, and it outperforms my expectations. On the downside, the antenna I received did not have the red frequency ring shown in the product pictures, but this didn't affect the overall performance. In terms of durability, I am yet to test the antenna in more challenging field conditions, but so far, it has held up well.

As a bonus, Mirkit also provides a link to a special channel list and firmware upon request. Overall, if you're looking for a reliable and compact dual-band antenna compatible with various radio brands, the Mirkit Two Way Radio Antenna is worth considering.

Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna

I recommend the Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna for its excellent performance, flexible mast, and easy installation.


  • Excellent range up to 10 miles
  • 180-degree swivel base for maximum mobility
  • Easy angled mounting options


  • Not a solid mast
  • Screw can break after extended use
  • Reception quality may not be better than cheaper alternatives
Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna Rubber Duck Dipole Flexible Mast FM AM Antenna for Boat Radio Car ATV UTV RZR SPA
  • Excellent Perfomance:Range of up to 10 miles for all Marine Band Car Home radio frequencies
  • Advantage:Flexible mast, 180-degrees Swivel base for maximum mobility
  • Portable installation:Angled mounting options allow you to install the antenna in the most convenient locations
  • Corrosion Resistant:Corrosion resistant for the marine environment
  • Dimensions:included 16.9 inch mast,55 inch cable

I recently tried the Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna on my boat, and I was quite pleased with its performance. This dual-band base antenna covers all marine band car home radio frequencies, delivering an impressive range of up to 10 miles. The antenna's strong points include its flexible mast and 180-degree swivel base, which ensure maximum mobility and easy positioning.

In terms of installation, the Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna really stands out. Its angled mounting options make it incredibly convenient to install the antenna in the best possible location for optimal reception. Moreover, the material used makes it corrosion resistant, perfect for the marine environment.

However, I should point out that the mast is not a solid piece, which might be a concern for some. Additionally, after about a month of use, the screw holding the antenna to the base broke. It still works, but it's not as secure as it should be. Lastly, the reception quality isn't necessarily better than antennas half its price.

Overall, despite a few minor drawbacks, I find the Herdio Waterproof Marine Antenna to be a good investment if you're in the market for a dual-band base antenna. Its excellent performance, flexible design, and easy installation make it a worthwhile choice.

Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing the best dual band base antenna, I believe it's essential to consider several key factors that will ultimately lead to a satisfying experience.

Gain and SWR

One of the first things to look at is the gain of the antenna. Higher gain generally results in better performance and increased range, but keep in mind that erecting an antenna with excessive gain can sometimes be unnecessary or impractical. Another crucial aspect to consider is the standing wave ratio (SWR). Lower SWR indicates that the antenna is better tuned to operating frequencies and will be more efficient. Make sure to look for an antenna with an SWR of 2:1 or lower for optimal results.

Build Quality and Weather Resistance

The durability and craftsmanship of the antenna are essential, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. Search for antennas made with high-quality materials like aluminum or fiberglass, which can withstand the elements. Additionally, check if the connector and other hardware parts are corrosion-resistant, ensuring the antenna's longevity.

Ease of Installation

Another thing to prioritize is the antenna's ease of installation. If you're not an expert, it's essential to find a product that doesn't require specialized tools or a strenuous setup process. Look for antennas with clear, concise instructions and a straightforward assembly.


Lastly, consider your budget when choosing the best dual band base antenna. Prices can vary based on features, materials, and level of sophistication. It's essential to strike a balance between quality and affordability, so don't feel pressured to purchase the most expensive option if it isn't necessary for your needs.

By keeping these factors in mind, I'm confident you'll be able to find the perfect dual band base antenna to suit your unique requirements and enjoy a seamless communication experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top dual band antennas for ham radio?

Some popular dual band antennas for ham radio include the Diamond X300A, Comet GP-9, and the Tram 1480. These antennas provide reliable performance, sturdy construction, and excellent range for both VHF and UHF signals.

How does a dual band antenna improve signal quality?

A dual band antenna is designed to receive and transmit on two different frequency bands, typically VHF and UHF. By offering effective signals on both bands, a dual band antenna delivers improved signal quality, reduced noise, and broader coverage compared to a single band antenna.

Which Comet dual band base antennas are highly recommended?

Comet offers several highly-regarded dual band base antennas, including the Comet GP-9, GP-3, and the GP-6. These antennas provide excellent performance, durable construction, and reliable signal quality across VHF and UHF frequencies.

How do AJ pole antennas compare to other dual band base antennas?

AJ pole antennas, such as the AJ-270, have earned a solid reputation among ham radio operators for their quality construction, easy installation, and reliable performance. While they may not have the same recognition as Comet or Diamond antennas, AJ pole antennas are often considered a competitive choice for dual band base antenna needs.

What factors should be considered when choosing a UHF/VHF base antenna?

When selecting a UHF/VHF base antenna, consider factors such as your specific frequency requirements, gain, antenna length, and mounting options. Budget and construction quality should also be factored in to ensure the best performance and longevity of your investment.

Can a UHF antenna work effectively with VHF radio signals?

A UHF antenna is designed to work specifically with UHF frequencies and may not perform as well with VHF radio signals. That's why dual band antennas are popular, as they provide reliable and efficient performance across both UHF and VHF bands. It is advisable to choose a dual band antenna if you plan to operate on both UHF and VHF frequencies.

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