Best Pocket Radio Reviews and Useful Information for Wise Buying Decision

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In the era where steaming MP3 files and music is getting popular, you may think radios are the things of the past. But still there are many reasons to own a pocket radio which you can carry in your pocket comfortably wherever you go. Despite keeping you updated about weather, news, traffic reports, with the Best Pocket Radios you can also enjoy tuning into your favorite talk shows.

Best Pocket Radios Reviews

But it is extremely necessary that you purchase the right and best suited pocket radio for your unique needs. So, for your help we have created this helpful guide on selecting and buying a pocket radio which can simply your purchasing decision.

What is Pocket Radio?

As the name implies, the pocket radio is the portable radio which is small to get easily fitted into your purse or pocket. It gives you the handy way to stream your favorite music, talk shows in and outside the house.

Since it is small in size, it is can be your perfect partner for hiking, outdoor activities and camping. Pocket radios are also your helpful companion in emergency situations where electricity is restricted to power up your TV and other devices.

Will a Portable Radio Work in Car?

Most of the latest car models today come with built-in stereo systems which give you access to all radio stations. But, the older and standard models lack in such an advanced system, thereby you need to use the portable radio in the car. You can take your portable radio along with you to listen to music and stay updated with news and weather reports while driving.

The portable pocket radio will work in a car, but it is not considered the ideal way to listen to the radio while you are driving the car.

How to choose the best Pocket AM FM Radio for your need?

There are a variety of features which you need to consider making the right purchasing decision of Best Portable Radios. From controls to weight, presets, to the power source, Bluetooth capabilities and auto seek features. These are the basic things which you need to consider while searching for portable radios. Some of the advanced pocket radios do come with displays to make it easier for you to use it in low light conditions.

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If you are intending to use the pocket radio in the car, then ensure to check the Bluetooth capabilities of the radio. It must have different options for developing a connection with car stereo system either via Bluetooth technology or the speaker jack. We have spent hours researching different pocket radios and finally come forth with the best of very best in this review. Have a look to make the purchasing decision easier.

Top 4 Pocket Radios Product Reviews and Ratings

As you know, there are thousands rechargeable pocket radio with hundreds of models on the market today.  So choose a pocket radio that fit for your needs is not easy. Here we have selected the best pocket radios of 2019  for you. Don’t buy a pocket am fm radio before reading our reviews.

Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Portable Digital Radio

According to our research, this is the top rated and best of very best portable radio today featuring LCD display combined with powerful backlight for easy reading in low light conditions. The radio comes with the capability to preset up to 10 different stations, of which 5 stations are of AM and 5 stations are of FM and this makes it the top picks in the category of best AM/FM portable radio. It features alarm timer that allows you to set two different alarm timings.

Because of its portable and compact size, it makes a good companion for outdoor activities like camping, picnics and also ball games. It is light in weight and carrying it in your pocket is no hurdle. The pocket radio has two powering options which include the 4 AAA batteries and AC adapter. The display has battery indicator that shows the remaining backup of the batteries and when it is the time for replacement.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Features HWS for elimination of unexpected alarming wakeups
  • Auto seek functioning with ten station presets
  • Battery drains faster.
  • AC adapter needs to be purchased individually.
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C. Crane CC Pocket AM FM and NOAA Weather Radio

CC Portable Pocket Radio is the best alternative to all our top picks. Sangean radio uses four AA batteries where this pocket radio uses two batteries and this can be a great relief for those who don’t want to use four batteries. Unlike the other models in the list, CC Pocket Radio comes with some features like disabling the screen to make reception clearer and it also has capabilities to prevent stronger signals from overriding the weaker stations. So, you can now listen to your favourite talk shows as longer as you want regardless of its weak reception signals.

CC Pocket Radio has exceptional selectivity and sensitivity via its 5 memory presets which you can easily select simply by pressing the set numbers. This enhances your overall listening experience to your favourite songs and channels. The buttons are integrated masterly below the LCD display. It has LCD display with backlighting feature which makes easier to see through even in low light conditions. In-built speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack and more are some of the other features included to enhance your listening experience. The edges are coated with rubber and it delivers a firmer gripping.

  • Uses only two AA batteries
  • Display can be turned off better reception of signals
  • Light and compact with rubberized edges for firmer grip
  • AM/FM and NOAA signal bands reception capacity
  • In some areas AM reception has issues.
  • Sensitive to static statistics.
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Kaito KA200 Pocket AM/FM Radio

If you need the best companion for your outdoor activities, camping and hiking in remote locations where signals are weak, the Kaito KA200 Pocket AM/FM Radio would be the best pick indeed for your unique needs. According to our research, this pocket radio has the best and stronger AM/FM radio signal reception which can easily pick up stations even in remote locations. It is super slim and compact in designs, making it comfortable and easier to be carried in your hiking bags. This pocket radio is designed with superior quality circuitry board with quick signal reception abilities and this makes it a good choice for travellers and sportspersons who want to enjoy listening to music and talk show in remote locations.

The frequency coverage of the pocket radio ranges from 530 to 1600 KHz in AM stations and 87 to 108 MHz in FM stations. So, you won’t find any difficulty in picking stations when you are away from your city. Kaito KA200 radio comes with built-in monophonic earphone jack, but no earphone is included in the pack which you need to buy individually. The radio comprises of both telescopic antenna for FM and Ferrite Bar Antenna for AM signal picking. The radio has tuning LED indicator which makes it easier for users to tune in to their favourite stations even in low light.

  • High quality signal picking abilities
  • Higher frequency coverage
  • Built in monophonic earphone jack
  • Tuning LED indicator for low light tuning
  • No earphone included in the pack.
  • Have only the basic functions.
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Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

People who are looking for budget pick portable radio with features of high end radios then Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio is the best choice for them. This is a cheaper, super light portable radio which weighs only 3.04 ounces. For great sounding experience, it comes with built-in speakers and also headphone jack that allow connecting headphones for personal musical experience. The radio features the telescopic antenna which ensures optimal signal picking with highest clarity. Extend the antenna and enjoy better reception of the signals and push it back for easy storage into your purse or pocket.

This pocket radio is powered by two AA batteries and it needs to be purchased separately. The radio has the LED indicator that indicates the usages of the battery and its status. The LED tuning indicator allows you to tune into your favourite stations with ease. It also show the strength of the FM/AM Signals, making it the best FM/AM pocket radio for better reception.

  • Cheaper and quality pocket radio
  • Telescopic antenna
  • Tuning and battery indicator available
  • Can be powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Problem in picking some stations.
  • Appearance is very cheap quality.
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According to our findings and research, who makes the best pocket radio is Sangean PR-D18BK AM/FM/Portable Digital Radio. After comparing all the pocket radio models, this is the one which you can trust when it comes to durability, powerful FM/AM signal reception and quality. It is the best portable pocket radio that makes a perfect companion for camping, hiking, jogging and other outdoor activities. 10 station presets, LCD display with backlight, dual alarming timers. Better signal reception abilities make it is the top pick in the list.

This pick is from my personal experience as I own this pocket radio . There is no way I am going to miss the exceptional listening experience as well as its functions. I personally love pocket radio because of its preset memory and auto seek functioning and this makes it the best Pocket Radios in the list.


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