5 Best Goodyear Viva 3 All Season Tire

Looking for the best tires for your car? Your favorite car should be modified with the best tires to offer you comfort and convenience in driving. Goodyear is one of the most reliable and well-known tires manufacturers. With these Goodyear viva 3 review, you’ll be able to determine how to find the best tires, things you need to consider before buying and the top 5 Goodyear tires in the market.

Best Goodyear Viva 3

Goodyear viva 3 all-seasons would definitely give your car the best driving experience. Before buying, check out the factors to consider to determine which one is the best for you.

All Seasons Tires

Goodyear Viva 3 are the best tires for all seasons. So worry no more whenever and wherever you drive your car. The perfect tires that can get you through harsh weather conditions. Gives you confident in controlling, steering and get ours easily in corners.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Car Tires

  1. Tire Size – the first thing that you should consider is what size do you need to buy for your car tires. Consider the sidewall height, rim size, and tread width.

2. Type of Tire – there are different types of the tire from normal to tubeless tires. Tubeless is safer and advanced. It also offers benefits to the user than normal tires.

3. Rubber Compound – one of the most critical factors you need to consider is the rubber compound since it’s where you can determine the quality of the tire from traction and tear. The quality of the rubber can improve traction capacity and speed rating. The higher the speed rating it offers, the better it provides grip.

4. Tread Pattern – offers a big impact on it is performance during rainy or winter seasons. Re-treaded tires are not recommended since it’s highly dangerous especially for wet conditions. Below are three different patterns that you should know.

  • Conventional – these type of tread pattern allows you to mount it on the rim in any direction.
  • Uni-Directional – effective to control water channeling and tire noise. It is sidewall has arrow marks that you should follow upon rotation of the direction.
  • Asymmetric – it comes with outside and inside facing sidewalls. It offers 2 different patterns, the outer and inner edge of the tire. This type of pattern is specifically designed to provide great dry traction.

5. Quality – the quality of your tires depends on three different things.

  • Manufacturer – Goodyear is one of the best in the industry, they have made marked their name in the industry.
  • When you check their customer reviews, you’ll see thousands of satisfied and happy customers. With these Goodyear viva 3 review, you know that you are paying for quality and long-lasting product.
  • Warranty – it’s always great to know that you can always be assisted with your product. Get a product that offers a warranty for your advantage.
  • Manufactured Date – all tires have four-digit DOT code. You can find it on the sidewall, two digits for the week and two digits for the year. Here’s an example: 2306 = 23rd week of 2006.

The quality of your tires has a big impact on your driving experience. If you wish to have a safe and smooth experience, then you should invest the best car tires.

Top 5 Goodyear Viva 3 tire reviews

If you are looking to buy a goodyear viva 3, then check out our reviews on goodyear viva 3 tires of 2019.

Goodyear Viva 3 20565r16

An all-season Goodyear tire that offers comfort, high performance and durability in your driving experience. It’s been so far the best Goodyear Viva 3 tire you can find in the market.

Things We Liked

  • Multi-biting edges.
  • Wide Tread that helps you get out from water or slush.
  • Optimized pattern to offer you noise-free ride.
  • 65000 miles tread life.
  • Offers lifetime warranty.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for passenger type.


Goodyear Assurance All-Season Radial - 225/60R16 98T

One of the best Goodyear Viva 3 tires for that provides convenience and enhance your car performance. All seasons tires, perfect for any type of weather conditions. It offers a special feature of tread wear indicator. It’s 15 rim diameter.

Things We Liked

  • Great grip from any harsh weather conditions
  • Drive confidently with it’s stable and large shoulder blocks
  • Evacuate from slush or water immediately
  • The well-optimized pattern for the quiet driving experience.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for passenger type.

Goodyear Viva 3 21555r17

A perfect Goodyear tire for all seasons, offering quiet, smooth and high-speed driving experience. The tread pattern in this product helps provide easy steering and handling. It offers exceptional grip, traction, and stability in the wet surface.

Things We Liked

  • Durable to last long, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Great traction to get out from slush or wet surface.
  • Gives you confident in steering and handling in any terrains.
  • Reduce noise from car drive.
  • Sleek design with black sidewalls.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not ideal for passenger car type.

Goodyear Viva 3 22565r17

All season Goodyear tire that offers stability, enhanced driving speed and braking power. A perfect partner in any weather conditions. It helps reduce noise levels and enhance the ability to control in cornering. Expect a comfortable and quiet driving experience with Goodyear Viva 3 22565r17.

Things We Liked

  • Perfect for passenger car type.
  • Can withstand any weather conditions.
  • Great grip experience from snowy, wet or dry areas.
  • Enhanced tread pattern for stability.
  • Quiet driving experience.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Cost higher than other Goodyear Viva 3 tires.


Goodyear Viva 3 23560r18

Your perfect partner for any season is just right here. It’s designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions. Offers special edges for a stronger grip, perfect for snowy areas. Great traction to keep you out of slush or wet areas. It helps reduce noise, keeping you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

Things We Liked

  • Ideal for passenger type.
  • Enhanced pattern tread for stability.
  • Strong grip from any wet areas.
  • Can handle all type of weather conditions.
  • Improves driving speed experience.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Quite expensive than other tires.


Why Choose Goodyear Products?

Goodyear has built its reputation for over 100 years now, and until this day, they strive to offer customers the best quality and safe to use tires. The commitment and passion they provided in their products made them provide a long-lasting, safe and environmentally friendly products.

With Goodyear, expect your car to offer you a high-performance driving experience and you’ll get a peaceful mind, knowing that your car has durable tires.


Goodyear viva 3 review helps you get a better understanding of how to choose the right car tire. We made this list based on the quality of the tire, customer reviews and performance. Choose from the list of top 5 Goodyear viva 3 all-seasons and you’ll surely have the best ride of your life.

We choose Goodyear Viva 3 20565r16 for the best features, high customer reviews, and affordable price, but it’s only ideal for car or minivan. On the other hand, if you seek passenger type tires, then we recommend you to buy Goodyear Viva 3 22565r17. It suits perfectly for heavy-duty car drive but can cost a bit more. Another product that offers high features and high stability is the Goodyear Viva 3 23560r18, but this product is quite expensive than other tires and ideal for passenger car type.


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