CB Radio FAQ

How a CB radio works ?

A CB radio was designed to transmit and receive a circuit. Now when you transmit into the microphone your voice is converted into a radio frequency and it is sent out of the antenna. It is transmitted out the antenna to the receiver that is receiving your signal. The person on the other end with the receiver is receiving your transmitter and the person on your end is receiving their transmitter. As long as the radios are on both frequencies, the radios will communicate with each other. The frequency is very dependent on the time of day and the adjacent channel interference and the geographical area and terrain and so forth.

Ideas for Using a CB Radio?

CB radio’s could be used such as a safety watch, neighborhood crime watch or Halloween patrol where each member would have a CB radio in their automobile and they could talk to the other member. The radios would come in handy to be able to call for assistance, call for help or check on your local neighbors when they are out in the neighborhood looking things over. A CB radio is not difficult to use. They are easy to hook up and for short range communications systems, provide pretty clear reliability.

How to Hook Up a CB Radio?

What you will need on the antenna with CB is using a magnetic antenna with a wire coming in their window which screws into the antenna socket on back of the radio. They then take this antenna and place it on the roof of their vehicle and they can store it in the truck when it is not in use. The other requirement
of the CB is that you hook 12 volts power up to the back of your CB radio; black being the ground wire and red being the power wire. Most CB’ers finds it easy to put a cigarette lighter plug on this connection and plug it into their cigarette lighter so they can unplug it and put the radio in the trunk out of sight when they are not using it. The CB does not require much current and is pretty easy to hook up in the automobile.

How Truckers Use CB Radios?

Truck driver’s use CB radios to stay in touch on the highway so that they know what is coming up ahead of them and behind them. Two trucks can communicate with each other all around the highway, all across America and talk about interesting things and dangerous things that they see on the highway and they need to use caution to beware of their surroundings. Also, they help keep awake.

How to Use the 10-20 CB Radio Code?

What 10-20 means on a CB radio is your location. In other words when you transmit over the CB frequency you would not say where are you, what is your location. You would say 10-20. The 10-20 is the universal code meaning location.

How to Use the 10-7 CB Radio Code?

10-7 is another way of saying that you are not available or you are out of service. So you put pick up your microphone and transmit a 10-7 instead of saying over the air waves that you are not around, not available or not in service. 10-7 is a universal code meaning that you are out of service.

How to Use the 10-4 CB Radio Code?

A code or a code word is a short phrase or number so you do not explain the whole thing you are trying to say over the airways. For example: a code 10-4 means okay. So if you were to use your CB microphone and transmit a 10-4 to the person who just transmitted to you would be saying okay or that you have agreed with them or received their signal.

How to Use the 10-33 CB Radio Code?

A 10-33 code is another way of saying that you have an emergency and you immediate assistance. An example of a 10-33 would be that you have run out of fuel or that you have a boat that is sinking and you need immediate assistance. You would then pick up your microphone and call a 10-33 for general help.

How to Use a CB Radio on a Boat?

Most boats are equipped with a VHF transceiver but a CB will also be a complement radio to backup your other communications equipment to where you may speak with other boaters out in the harbor. Most boaters wanted to reach certain units on a CB and they have a radio that you may call them on. So therefore if you wanted to reach for assistance and your other equipment or cellular phone was not working you would rely on your CB radio. You may possibly even be able to get Coast Guard assistance over a certain frequency on the CB. A CB radio is not very hard to hook up in a boat, you will need an antenna and a power source.