Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma

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Toyota Tacoma is manufactured by the famous Japanese automobile maker Toyota and it’s driven all over the world. If you drive a Tacoma, you’ll possibly boost your ego especially if you’re riding the latest model. You’ll feel proud and confident as the pickup truck can be taken anywhere you want to go. However, you want this vehicle to suit your personality. Hence, you make it look amazing by starting to choose the best tonneau cover for Tacoma. If you had to search individually in possible online shops for the right tonneau covers, then it may take you some time. Hence, this review is written to save you time and make you finally find what you really need.

Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma 2019 Reviews

Why Choose the Right Tonneau Cover?

A tonneau cover is a useful accessory you can buy for your Tacoma. It protects the vehicle from the weather while you add some style. Surely, you need to protect your cargo from moisture or corrosion, especially when exposed to rain or snow. You also need to secure your items, so it won’t move around or fall off. Or worse, you don’t like the UV rays of the sun to fade your car especially the back portion. Therefore, you need to choose the best tonneau cover for Tacoma, and it starts when you shop at Amazon.

The Top 5 Best Tonneau Cover for a Toyota Tacoma

There are hundred Toyota Tacoma Truck Tonneau Covers at low prices  on the market today. But here we will help you choose 5 best Best Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tacoma of 2019. All these tonneau covers are perfect for toyota tacoma 2012, 2013, 2015,2016,2017 and 2018.

Gator ETX Tonneau Cover

This type of tonneau cover is manufactured in the US and is perfect for your Toyota Tacoma. The cover can be easily installed without using any tool. What you need is to clamp the rails with no drilling required which can be done so quickly. The cover will assure the vehicle owner all items placed at the back are protected, specifically the bed and cargo. You are certainly no snow; rain or dust can seep through. It’s guaranteed to provide a sleek and durable design through its tear resistant vinyl which supports the aluminum cross-bows for enhanced durability and strength. Should anything happen to this tonneau cover, you are provided with a warranty for the frame and tarp.

As a buyer, you must be happy to have chosen the Gator ETX tonneau cover. The cover works best for the latest models of Toyota Tacoma, probably from 2016 to 2019. The vehicle’s back will have a nice and flat look which you’ll certainly admire. The tonneau cover is perfect for any weather condition. The price too is right if you want it to go hand in hand with the quality of the cover. You certainly can decide that it’s worth the expense. Every customer is happy and satisfied to have purchased this product. Customer service as well is very accommodating.

Things we liked:
  • So easy to install that you don’t need any tool.
  • Great protection for your items from any weather condition.
  • Noted for durability and strength.
Things we did not like:
  • Only suits the latest models of Toyota Tacoma.
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TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover

This product is made from the USA using high quality leather fabric. The cover is best used for 2016-2017 Toyota Tacoma models with 5-inches bed. A user will be happy to see the straight bows rolled up with the tonneau cover. The back can have a smooth, flat look when closed. This tonneau cover works perfectly for any climate. You are assured that the industrial strength hook and loop system can be easily fastened even in the most freezing temperatures. The tension control is integrated with the latching system to ensure the cover is tight in any weather. The dual paddle latches securely fasten the cover to the bed. Also, installation is so easy and simple that you need no drill clamps, and you can do it fast.

TruXedo is an exceptional product to use as your truck bed cover. It has a great look and fit with an accessory weather-stripping kit to free from dust and water. For the installation, you need a simple instruction or online video to guide you.  The price for the TruXedo is affordable, and you’re simply getting what’s worth your money.

Things we liked:
  • Is noted for durability due to its high-quality leather fabric.
  • No need for more tools for the installation. Can be easily done in 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Works to protect your cargo from dust, rain or snow.
Things we did not like:
  • Only suits the 2016-2017 Tacoma models with 5-inches bed.
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Tyger Auto T3 Tonneau Cover

This product has a US design patent and is manufactured using dual-coated marine-grade vinyl. It has a strong aluminum powder-coated frame with a stainless-steel clamp. This tonneau cover is so easy to install that you can do it in 10 minutes. It’s also noted for great durability. The cover is supported with a pre-assembled horizontal crossbar which can be easily folded up to access the full bed. Tyger Auto T3 comes with provided instruction and hardware for easy installation. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure customers they are happy and satisfied with the product.

Using the tonneau cover at the back of the Tacoma will have a nice, flat look. You can easily remove and put it back on and also can even use it for the entire bed and have your cargoes protected all the time. You don’t need to worry if your items will move around or fall off. As a driver, you’re confident that rain, snow or even a car wash will not leak through the bed. You’ll be impressed at how it looks good on your pickup truck.

Things we liked:
  • Suitable for Tacoma models with or without the Deckrail System.
  • Fits a bed length of 6.5 feet.
  • Its sleek design can save 12% of gas on average.
Things we did not like:
  • Great for it’s affordable price but not as durable as expensive ones.
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BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover

The BAKFlip MX4 is suitable for 2016-2019 Tacoma models with five to six-inches bed. It’s made of strong aluminum panels with a matte finish to resist advanced scratch, scuff and UV rays. It has a universal tailgate operation with dual action seal, so you can easily open or close the tonneau cover. When folded up, you can access the truck bed and haul everything when needed. It can support cargoes up to 400 pounds. It has a sleek design with low profile appearance to maintain visibility whenever the cover is folded. The MX4 is so easy to install and works well with BAK’s premium storage box. The product offers a three-year warranty and is manufactured in the US.

This is a great product to buy if you want a durable quality of tonneau cover. No leaks from snow and rain can seep through the bed. However, not many Tacoma owners will be happy to buy the BAKFlip MX4 as it costs nearly a thousand dollars. But, in terms of quality, you are guaranteed it’s a good investment to make. It will definitely suit the purpose why you’ve purchased and installed it in the first place.

Things we liked:
  • It will suit all Tacoma models whether first to the third generation with five to six-inches bed.
  • A durable quality that is so convenient to use.
  • A great protection from any weather condition.
Things we did not like:
  • Need to think harder if you’re willing to invest in this type of tonneau cover due to its high price.
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BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover

This type of tonneau cover provides a 100% unobstructed access for the entire truck bed. There’s even no blocking of the third brake light. If you haul a huge load, you just have to fold the cover and flip it up towards the cab.

It’s also durable with the solid core panels mounted on the truck for an extremely low-profile design. This cover is so easy to install and use as it has automatic latching panels with no need for drilling. So, if you frequently travel with cargoes, it is a solution to install on your pickup truck.


Things we liked:
  • Suitable for 2016-2019 Tacoma models with 5-inches bed.
  • So easy to use that you’ll just have to fold and flip the cover.
  • Very easy to install on your vehicle.
Things we did not like:
  • Very expensive, over $900.
  • May need to reconsider due to its high price and quality.
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Based on our findings, the overall winner is the Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover. We may have made a comparison between five truck bed covers, but it offers the best innovation for durability, quality and price. It is a perfect fit for any Toyota Tacoma model, whether it’s a first, second or third generation. The pickup truck owner will surely be provided with the right bed size of the model, be it five, six or eight feet long. The Tacoma driver will be assured that all items he loads to the vehicle are protected. And when transported, the items remain in the same condition just like it was loaded. This guarantees that no matter how far the distance you’ve travelled, this the best tonneau cover for Tacoma where loads are kept safe and protected at all times.


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