Top 5 Best 99 Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Buying Guide

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Jeep enthusiasts can pretty much tell you that if you own one, the first thing that you should be looking for is a reliable 99 jeep wrangler soft top. Unlike that of hard tops, soft tops allow you to enjoy the view top down any time you want.

Top 5 Best 99 Jeep Wrangler Soft Top Buying Guide 2019

However, with the vast array of choices online, it can be pretty difficult to find the perfect one for your jeep. We’ve made this easier for you and came up with the best jeep wrangler soft top we can find on the market.

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Sierra Offroad Soft Top for the 1997-2002
The Sierra Jeep Wrangler TJ Soft Top is one of the cheapest alternatives. This is very easy to put on and take off, anyone will be easily able to assemble it.
Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197 35 Black Diamond
The Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197-35 is  one of the waterproof soft tops that comes with tinted windows.
Smittybilt 9970235, Bestop 56840-35, Bestop 51198-15
During rainy days, Smittybilt 9970235, Pavement Ends by Bestop 56840-35 and Pavement Ends by Bestop 51198-15 are great alternatives with their marine grade fabrics.


Reviews of The Best 99 jeep wrangler soft top

If you are looking to buy a soft top wrangler the here is a collection 5 of the best jeep soft top for wrangler 1999. Its also perfect for any verion from 1997 to 2002, 2006. Take your time to select a perfect  jeep wrangler soft top.

Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197 35 Black Diamond

We liked the Pavement Ends by Bestop 51197 35 as a jeep wrangler soft top 1999 alternative because according to some of the reviews in Amazon, this one is easy to put on to your jeep.

This one is made of exterior grade fabric. The vinyl coated polyester and marine grade cotton fabric ensures protection against mildew and the harmful UV rays of the sun.

This soft top comes with vinyl windows that are DOT approved, they are able to withstand leakage. The OEM heavy duty plastic zippers use jam-resistant technology.

The soft top will fit over factory hardware while offering quick installation.  This may be the right choice if you want something affordable that can easily update the look of your jeep.

Things we liked:
  • Made of UV resistant and anti-mildew fabric that will not easily fade
  • Choice of either tinted or clear windows
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty
Things we did not like:
  • Does not fit the unlimited models.
  • Does not come with the windshield attachment bar.
  • May need to warm up under the sun if you want a really nice fitting.
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Sierra Jeep Wrangler TJ Soft Top

The Sierra off-road wrangler jeep soft top is intended for heavy duty jeeps. This comes with tinted windows, door seals and over-sized zipper.

You can avail this product in three shades. Some say that the tinted windows add some wow factor for jeeps.

This is ideal for both men and women alike since this soft top is easy to assemble. You can easily put it on or take it off, thanks to its very light material.

If there is one thing that we didn’t like about it, it is the fact that the rear window has the tendency to get blurry after some time has passed as a result of the make of the material when exposed constantly to high temperatures.

This soft top is not waterproof. You will also notice that this is not foldable so this might no be the best choice if you want something that you can easily tuck away in a heartbeat.

The price itself is reasonable considering that this is a good quality soft top. It fits most types of jeeps.

This comes with UV protected fabric so you can expect ample sun protection. The tinted windows offer some protection against sunlight.

Things we liked:
  • It’s made of super light material
  • Comes with an English manual that is very easy to understand
  • Super easy to put on or take down
  • Tinted windows look awesome
Things we did not like:
  • It’s not waterproof.
  • The rear windows do not last that long.
  • Does not come with the windshield attachment bar.
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Smittybilt 9970235 Black Diamond OE Style

This jeep soft top form Smittybilt has been designed to fit unto factory fitted OE hardwares and frames. This comes with a UV protective layer which offers ample protection against UV from sunlight.

During the rainy days, you also get extra protection, thanks to its heated seams that help prevent water leakage. Unlike the other jeep wrangler soft top 1999 available in the market, this is made of marine-grade fabric that also offers protection against fading and ugly stretching.

While other have poorly made zippers, the Smittybilt zippers are of top quality and are self-correcting. This is especially useful for people who like to switch their top covers from time to time.

Just in case you need full ventilation, this can be easily done by zipping down the windows on the soft top. This was stitched together using a special wick stop thread, which seals in the stitch holes, making the soft top leak proof.

At over two hundred bucks, this is considered reasonably priced.

Things we liked:
  • Made of marine grade fabric
  • Comes with durable zippers
  • Has DOT approved windows
  • Makes use of special thread that seal off stitch holes
Things we did not like:
  • May not fit well in some models.
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Pavement Ends by Bestop 56840-35

The Bestop 56840-35 is one of the more popular jeep soft tops available in the market today for a good reason. This particular jeep soft top features a flip back sunroof panel, offering you better airflow when flipped open, handy during hotter days.

The sunroof panel is ideal for some, not only because it is foldable, but because this is very easy to adjust. This jeep soft top is marine grade fabric from diamond point.

If you are worried about being exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun, then this could be a great alternative for you as it comes with UV protective screen.

One of the problems with other jeep soft tops is the puddle that forms in the middle when there is a downpour of rain. That problem is eliminated with the Bestop 56840-35 with its top arch bar that fends off the formation of puddles at its top.

Another reason why this could be a better choice is because of the type of stitching used. This made use of double stitching that helps prevent leakage inside the cabin, useful when there is high humidity or during rainy season.

Things we liked:
  • Made of marine grade fabric
  • Comes with sunroof feature
  • Offers UV protection
  • Has DOT approved windows
  • Makes use of double stitching that prevents moisture from seeping in
  • Fitted with durable YKK zippers
  • Comes with top arch bar
Things we did not like:
  • May need expert help to assemble.
  • Buckles and hooks are made of plastic.
  • Top flaps when the sunroof protection is closed.
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Pavement Ends by Bestop 51198 15

If you are looking for a quality, durable, feature packed jeep soft top, then Pavement Ends by Bestop 51198-15 jeep soft is a good alternative. This product was designed to help replace worn out soft top fabric and windows.

What makes it durable? The fabric of the the Pavement Ends by Bestop 51198-15 is made of very tough UV and mildew resistant vinyl coated, marine grade, polyester cotton fabric, stitched together using 135 gauge polyester thread.

The removable windows are made of DOT approved materials. Assembly is very easy, thanks to the installation instructions that comes with the product.

If you are worried that zippers will be damaged in time just like the cheap soft top covers in the market, don’t be. The Pavement Ends by Bestop 51198-15 has been fitted with OEM quality zippers that come with heavy-duty plastic teeth.

At almost three hundred bucks, this is a bit more expensive than other soft top covers, but it does come with limited one year warranty.

Things we liked:
  • Made of marine grade fabric
  • Offers UV protection
  • Has DOT approved windows
  • OEM quality zippers
  • Comes with warranty
Things we did not like:
  • Customer service says they do not make replacement windows for this top
  • A little noisy
  • Thinner fabric compared to others
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Things to Consider When Buying Jeep Soft Top

There are so many soft jeep tops to choose from and it can be pretty easy to get the wrong one for your jeep. To ensure that you only get the right one, we also came up with this section to give you useful hints on what you should be looking for.

Consider your Jeep’s model

You have to buy one that fits and in order for you to do that, the first thing you need to do is look into the model type of your Jeep. For example, if you bought a 1999 model, then you should be searching for jeep wrangler soft top 1999.

Amazon has made this easier for you. All you have to do is type the year of the make of your Jeep plus the keyword “soft top”.

Consider the material used

Would you want something sturdy that will last for a long time, or a flimsy one that’s rendered useless in several months of use?

The durability of a jeep soft top would mostly depend upon the material with which it was built. Buy the highest quality material if possible to prevent easy wear and tear.

Product reviews from Amazon also come in handy in this case since you can easily see people leaving positive feedbacks on quality soft jeep tops.

Consider additional features

Now, in case you are wondering why some soft jeep tops are more expensive than others, it’s not just because they are more durable, but maybe because of additional features.

There is some jeep wrangler soft top 1999 for example that have removable windows. There are also those that come with power retracting feature for easy opening and closing, which makes it easier to enjoy a top down view.

Consider the price

You also need to consider your budget of course. Contrary to popular belief that all cheaper alternatives are cheap for a reason, there are affordable choices that offer durability just the same as some of the more popular brands.

The key is to look for reliable reviews. Buy something that is sturdy, but also at the same time, something that will not break your bank.


The clear winner for us as the best soft jeep top is the Pavement Ends by Bestop 56840-35. We chose this for a number of reasons.

For one, it’s the only one that comes with sunroof feature. It’s also waterproof unlike that of the Sierra off-road wrangler jeep soft top.

While other soft covers accumulate water in the middle when there’s a rain, this one comes with a top arch bar that helps prevent it. At over three hundred bucks, it is still considered reasonable compared to other 99 jeep wrangler soft top sold on Amazon.


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